Singular Focus on SaaS & Cloud Applications
People and organizations are increasingly accessing software and services through the Internet. Companies need to respond to this changing landscape in order to maintain and gain market share. At Ekartha, our core focus is Web & SaaS applications; we can help you design, develop and deliver Web & SaaS applications in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Web and SaaS Applications Development is complex and companies need to launch robust and architecturally mature services fast. Ekartha's services are specifically designed for rapid development of robust and scalable SaaS applications. Read more...

Unlike regular applications successful SaaS applications are built as single instance, multi-tenant applications that are shared across multiple customers. If you're facing challenges in re-engineering your applications to SaaS, Ekartha can help. Our software experts can guide you through SaaS re-engineering challenges, and help you launch a robust SaaS application in record time. Read more...
Ekartha offers a complete suite of services for application management and support of your Web & SaaS applications. Ekartha helps you focus on your core business, while we manage your SaaS delivery issues from Cloud and Data Center Hosting to 24X7 application management and support.Read more...

Alice SaaS & Cloud Platform

SaaS and Cloud Applications Design, Development & Delivery

Re-engineering Applications for SaaS Enablement

Demos & Presentations
Introduction to Software as a Service (SaaS)

Case Studies
Development & Delivery of a SaaS Application for the Mortgage Industry

Design, Development and Delivery of a scalable Software as a Service application for the Hedge Fund Industry