Re-engineering Applications for SaaS Enablement

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Re-engineering applications for Software as a Service (SaaS) enablement is a complex task. SaaS applications are significantly different from standard applications. Successful SaaS applications are built as multi-tenant, meta-data driven applications that are shared across multiple clients. Our engineers and architects work with you using a rigorous framework to review your current application in order to assess risks, development issues and constraints with respect to your SaaS enablement goals. Please feel free to contact us to seek a free consultation.

Understanding your SaaS Vision

Before beginning the process of re-engineering to SaaS, we work with you to understand your software as a service vision and re-engineering goals. Usually, many of the key functional, scalability, operational, security, and support requirements critical to a successful SaaS offering are ignored by traditional software development initiatives. We work collaboratively with your team to determine important business drivers and effectively prioritize re-engineering tasks for the release of a successful SaaS application.

Architecture Review & Roadmap

Building SaaS applications is radically different from building regular applications. Unlike regular applications, successful SaaS or Internet applications are built as single instance, multi-tenant, meta-data driven applications shared across multiple customers. This imposes significant constraints in adapting traditional application architecture to SaaS. Our architects and engineers work with you to determine your tenancy requirements, scalability needs, qualitative goals, and high value application functionality. This sets the foundation for us to determine what elements of the application can be re-used, and what needs to be completely re-hauled in order to develop a robust and cost effective SaaS application.

Incremental Development & Release - The Agile Way

Incremental Development and Release using a robust Agile process is paramount to reducing risks of SaaS re-engineering. Furthermore, we use specialized tools and frameworks to facilitate extensive component re-use and development best practices. Initially, architectural changes may take more time, but we strongly emphasize incremental monthly development, testing and release of software. This allows us to receive continuous feedback from you and your customers, and reduces the risks of SaaS development and delivery.

Obsession with quality

Software quality and performance of early SaaS releases can have a significant impact on service adoption. Multi-year subscription contracts are heavily dependent upon user satisfaction, and the quality of the software has to be exceptional from day one. Ekartha's processes are designed to address the specific qualitative needs of SaaS applications. SaaS applications are always in continuous testing phase, because a single critical bug can lead to outage of the service effecting thousands of users. At Ekartha we consider continuous user feedback and rapid error fixing a part and parcel of a successful service delivery model.

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Re-engineering Applications for SaaS Enablement

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