Open Platform for Rapid Development & Delivery of SaaS & Cloud Applications
Alice is a comprehensive Development and Delivery Platform for rapidly building and delivering SaaS and Internet applications and business services. Alice can help you build your SAAS applications quickly and inexpensively, ensuring that your customers can access your applications in the shortest possible time.

The foundation of a mature SAAS application is based on a multi-tenanted and scalable architecture. Successful SAAS applications are built as single instance applications that are shared by multiple clients on a common hardware and software infrastructure to achieve economies of scale. But it is extremely important to understand that a multi-tenant architecture without support for Application extensibility, Configuration, and Customization is a serious limitation that can have a significant impact on the success of your SaaS application.

Alice's allows developers to build applications using standard technologies that leverage the benefits of multi-tenancy, and a load balanced scale-out architecture. Alice provides a set of essential SaaS Application Services (see diagram) that allows developers to focus exclusively on business logic. This removes tremendous complexity and risks from the SaaS development process, and has the potential to save companies years of development time, and millions of dollars in development and operational costs.

Alice SaaS & Cloud Platform

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Development & Delivery of a SaaS Application for the Mortgage Industry

Design, Development and Delivery of a scalable Software as a Service application for the Hedge Fund Industry