New SaaS & Cloud Application Development
Our services help companies develop and deliver Web & SaaS solutions at dramatically lower costs and reduced time to market. We work fast, with monthly delivery of well tested and working application features. This enables constant feedback, and ensures that the application works and does the job you need it to. We believe in building robust and well architected applications that are highly scalable, secure, and significantly reduce your operations costs.

Service Highlights
A Strong team exclusively focused on Web Applications & SaaS development

Hiring the right team is critical to the success of your SaaS and Internet application design and development. Our architects and engineers have years of experience in building SaaS and Internet applications, and understand the unique elements of delivering complex SaaS and Internet applications. SaaS applications are significantly different from standard applications. Successful SaaS applications are built as multi-tenant, meta-data driven applications that are shared across multiple clients. Our team works with you using a rigorous framework to review your SaaS and Internet application needs, and develop a strong implementation road map for the successful development and delivery of your applications.

Monthly Deliveries through a robust Agile process

Incremental development and continuous application evolution is key to reducing risks associated with SaaS and Internet applications development. During the application development phase, we deliver a working iteration of the software every 30 days in a fully hosted environment. This enables preliminary use of the software, and allows for continuous feedback from you and your customers. Customer feedback is a key part of our process; it enables focused and timely deliveries through every step of application design, development and delivery.

Focus on Architecture

The right architecture is critical to the success of SaaS and Internet applications. SaaS applications are built as multi-tenant, meta-data driven applications that are shared across multiple clients. These applications have to be robust, flexible, and highly scalable across a shared infrastructure. Not implementing the right architecture can have a significant impact on application quality and profitability. Our teams conduct extensive architectural reviews to ensure that the service is built on a solid architectural foundation. We use special tools and platforms that have been specifically developed to assist us in building robust SaaS applications, thus decreasing your risks and development costs.

Obsession with quality

Software quality and performance of early SaaS releases can have a significant impact on service adoption. Multi-year subscription contracts are heavily dependent upon user satisfaction, and the quality of the software has to be exceptional from day one. Ekartha's processes are designed to address the specific qualitative needs of SaaS applications. SaaS or Internet applications are always in continuous testing phase, because a single critical bug can lead to outage of the service effecting thousands of users. At Ekartha we consider continuous user feedback and rapid error fixing a part and parcel of a successful service delivery model.

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Demos & Presentations
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Case Studies
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