At Ekartha, we firmly believe that software should be built through continuous iteration and adaptation. Constant change is a part of any software development project, and being able to quickly adapt to changes in requirements and market conditions is a key element of our process. Furthermore, our engineers and architects focus on designing software that is modular and easy to change. We believe in using small teams of highly competent engineers in a collaborative environment to produce high quality software. These are the principles that have helped us deliver great Web and SaaS applications for our clients.

Key Elements of Ekartha's Agile Process
Monthly Releases of Working Software
We believe in delivering working software to our clients on a monthly basis. The planning and development of software is staged into four week sprints, in which clients have full visibility into the planning, development, and delivery process. Our focus in the sprints is on delivering high quality working software - all other artifacts take a back seat. The delivery of the working software every four weeks allows clients to provide continuous feedback that can be incorporated in subsequent development cycles. This power of iteration and adaptation allows us to deliver high quality software to our clients in record time.

A Highly Collaborative Culture
At Ekartha, collaboration among employees and with clients is a core cultural norm. Active communication and collaboration by team members is the glue that keeps the Agile product life cycle synchronized. An enormous amount of effort is put in by team members to collaboratively solve problems amongst themselves and with clients. Even though there is no replacement for face to face collaboration, a large set of tools like video conferencing, screen sharing, and project management tools are available to team members and clients.

Capacity to deal with continuous change
We believe that dealing with change is a key part of any good software development process. The capacity to deal with change requires a company that is highly skilled in the Agile process. Dealing with change is hard, and at Ekartha software developers are trained to embrace change. Our architects and engineers design any software with change in mind. Extensible and modular software design is a key philosophy that complements a successful Agile process, and allow us to deliver great software to our clients.

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