Key features and Benefits
Development and Delivery of robust SaaS/Cloud applications is a complex and risky undertaking. Alice is an open platform for the development and delivery of SaaS/Cloud applications. Built on a Linux and Java foundation, companies can rapidly develop and deliver SaaS and Internet services with confidence, and at record speed. Applications built using Alice are adaptive and dynamic, thus are easy to change by both developers and end customers.

Rapid Development and Delivery of Cloud Applications
Alice is the fastest platform for building complex ans scalable Cloud/SaaS applications. SaaS development is complex, and applications need functionality such as multi-tenancy, meta-data management, metering, service provisioning etc.,in addition to business functionality. Alice hides the technical complexities of SAAS development, and enables developers to focus on business logic. This leads to rapid development and time to market for SaaS applications.

Open Platform using standard technologies
Alice enables the development of applications using open and standard technologies. The open standards insure that you are building applications using technologies that can be developed, supported and maintained by a large community of engineers, architects, and developer's worldwide.

Robust Multi-tenant and Meta Data Driven Architecture
SAAS applications are built as multi-tenant, meta-data driven applications that are shared across multiple clients. These applications have to be very robust, flexible, and highly scalable across a shared infrastructure. With Alice, developers inherit a strong multi-tenant and meta-data foundation that significantly reduces development complexity. It is important to note that a multi-tenant architecture should not just support a single instance application shared among multiple clients. The architecture also needs to support Application extensibility, Configuration, and Customization so that end customers can use SaaS solutions without any compromise.

Application Services for SaaS applications
Alice's provides standard application services like Logging, Validation, Presentation, Security, Workflow, Transactions, Messaging, right out of the box. These services can be used by developers during application development, and can be weaved in and out of the application without changing business logic. This rapidly reduces your development costs and time to market

The Alice integration service provides a comprehensive set of technologies that makes it easy for companies to build a comprehensive integration infrastructure for their applications. All application's can have a full featured Web services API that can provide programmatic access to most of the features and data of the application. Furthermore, all integration connectors built using Alice support full multi-tenancy including the associated security needs and exception handling mechanisms.

Operational Services for SaaS and Internet applications
The operational overhead for SAAS/Cloud applications delivery is significant. Issues like monetization, billing, monitoring, and application provisioning are complex issues and companies face enormous hurdles in cost and time in trying to address these challenges. Alice's Operational Services can be used by application developers to incorporate billing, pricing, monitoring, and provisioning services without writing any code.

Seamless Deployment of applications on the Cloud
Using Alice, your applications can be seamlessly deployed on any cloud or hosting infrastructure. This provides you complete independence to deploy your applications at an infrastructure of your choice, and not be tied to specific vendors.

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